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Welcome To Our Website.  Our DUI Lawyers and DMV Attorneys Exclusively Focus on Fighting DUI Cases.


If you, a relative or someone you know and care about has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Orange County, or the surrounding, or has received a letter from the DMV to suspend your driving privilege, call our DUI attorneys today.  You should only consider hiring an experienced DUI lawyer locally based who specializes in DUI defense and California driver's license suspension matters. Do not hire a “jack-of-all-trades” attorney to handle your DUI case. Only DUI attorneys 100% focused on fighting DUI cases can get you the best result. We have been fighting DUI cases since 1997.


California’s DUI laws are complicated and the science behind a DUI complex. A DUI arrest, whether in Orange County or Los Angeles County, most often initiates two entirely separate DUI cases. The first DUI case is the criminal case, while the second DUI case is the DMV case. Those arrested for drunk driving (DUI) who hold professional licenses (such as teachers, attorneys, CPA’s, physicians and nurses) are at risk of having an additional case initiated by the board or commission. A DUI also effects individuals who hold positions of trust, such as police officers, fire fighters and commercial truck drivers.  Call our Orange County or Los Angeles DUI lawyers for a free DUI case analysis.


Out of state drivers are presented with additional legal issues following an Orange County or Los Angeles DUI arrest because the state which issued them a driver's license (home state) can be expected to initiate an additional case against their driver's license which may carry additional consequences in addition to those which may result from the California DMV. Contact our DMV Attorneys and DUI lawyers today to discuss your specific situation.


An Orange County or LA DUI conviction has life-changing effects on non-citizens.  For example, if a person is not a citizen of the United States, the risk exists of deportation, denial of naturalization, exclusion from admission to the United States, exclusion from readmission to the United States following travel outside of this country, denial of an extension of an H1B work visa or an upgrade to Lawful Permanent Resident. Our DUI lawyers are aware of the consequence of a DUI arrest and/or DUI convection. 


From the moment a person is stopped for DUI by any law enforcement officer, they will be subjected to a DUI investigation. The officer will note on his police report the suspected DUI driver's physical appearance.  The DUI investigating officer will also record on the police report the DUI arrestee’s performance on so-called field sobriety tests (FSTs), as well as the result of any DUI chemical tests taken.


While serious, the consequences of a first offense DUI arrest in are less severe than those of a second offense DUI arrest. Multiple driving under the influence cases such as a third arrest for driving under the influence or even a fourth arrest for drunk driving will lead to increasingly serious DUI penalties which may include mandatory jail time or even a state prison commitment.   Additionally, the consequences of an Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego DUI accident or a DUI accident causing injury or death are very severe and may lead to an actual jail or prison sentence. Although there are DUI defenses which may apply to particular cases, many inexperienced DUI lawyers overstate the extent to which these defenses may be available to a particular individual's DUI case.


Our Orange County based dui defense law firm of DUI attorneys is recognized as being experienced DUI defense lawyers and leads an veteran team of highly qualified DUI investigators and DUI experts who serve clients accused of driving under the influence (DUI) violations in Orange County and Los Angeles area courts.  The senior partner has specialized education, training, and experience in DUI defense, enabling him to handle any California DUI case.


For well over fifteen years, people have trusted us to handle their Orange County and Los Angeles area DUI and DMV cases. Our DUI defense firm provides high quality, no nonsense, cost effective representation to clients. No attorney will achieve a better result for you in an Orange County driving under the influence case than our DUI lawyers.


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Please call our DUI defense lawyers today for your free DUI case evaluation!  Call (877) DUI-PROS or click here to email to reach our DUI Lawyers.


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The firm’s main office is located in Irvine, California, which is in the heart of Orange County.  We also have satellite offices located throughout Orange County including Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, Anaheim Hills, and Newport Beach. Our DUI Attorneys can also meet you an any of our satellite offices in the counties of Los Angeles and San Diego.  For further information on driving under the influence matters in neighboring cities and counties, feel free to call our DUI attorneys for more information.  The following information is helpful to those individuals charges with DUI in LA or Orange County:


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About Our Orange County DUI Attorney & LA Area DUI Lawyers


California DUI charges are extremely serious. Although drunk driving (DUI) is a relatively common criminal offense and may be committed by individuals with no prior criminal records or arrests, the penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) can be significant. In addition to imprisonment, a person convicted of DUI in California may face: stiff fines, license suspension, community service, probation, counseling, court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment, and the forced installation of an ignition interlock device.


You need experienced DUI attorneys to defend you against the charges.  Our firm concentrates on defending those accused of driving under the influence in Orange County or LA County.  The DUI lawyers and DMV attorneys focus solely on providing a full-service defense for DUI cases, from the DMV  hearing, through DUI arraignment, DUI pre-trial negotiations and DUI trial. In order to  protect your privilege to drive and avoid a DUI conviction, it is extremely important you call us today.


Urgent – 10 Day Rule: No Time To Spare with DUI Cases


Following a DUI arrest, your DUI attorney only has 10 days to file a request for an administrative hearing with the DMV to protect your driver’s license. Failure to request this hearing timely following a DUI arrest will result in the automatic suspension of your drivers license.   Call our DUI lawyers at 1(877) DUI-PROS today.  We will contact the DMV to demand an administrative hearing, prepare and file the necessary DUI paperwork, review the DMV’s evidence, contact the DUI arresting agency, and to take care of the entire DUI process in order to protect your right to drive.


The best way to avoid license suspension and DUI penalties is to retain an experienced and dedicated Orange County/LA area DUI lawyer who can provide you with the representation you need throughout all DUI proceedings. Our DUI attorneys offer FREE consultation to discuss your drunk driving charges with you, inform you of your legal rights and help you understand how he can assist you with your case.


Building an Effective DUI Defense Strategy


After a DUI arrest, most people think it’s all over. This could not be further from the truth. Even after a failed breath test or blood test or an officer’s allegations that you performed poorly on field sobriety tests, there is much that our DUI attorneys can do to build an aggressive DUI defense on your behalf. Even the seemingly smallest mistake made by law enforcement may have a significant impact on the outcome of your drunk driving case, limiting the amount of evidence the prosecution is able to use against you or perhaps weakening the state’s case so much that your charges are dropped or reduced.


We invite you to call our local DUI attorneys today for a FREE consultation.  Because you only have limited time to protect your license following a DUI arrest, our DUI lawyers will contact the DMV on your behalf to schedule an APS hearing absolutely FREE, whether you retain our firm or not.  Call us today!


About Our DUI Defense Attorneys


The founder of the DUI Pros team, DUI lawyer, Edgar J Reynoso, handles all matters concerning DUI charges, DMV administrative hearing throughout the Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles area. Our dedicated team can assist you with many different situations involving the DUI process, including to help you understand the DUI court process you will be facing and any field sobriety, blood and breath tests you might have taken during the initial arrest. Beyond that, they can help if you have any prior DUI arrests, or are facing a felony DUI, under age DUI, DUI involving accidents, DUI causing injury, vehicular manslaughter or a DUI involving drugs.


Mr. Reynoso is well known for the aggressive representation of his clients facing DUI charges. There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure you protect your right to drive and avoid a costly and damaging DUI conviction. There are many steps that can be taken in the effort to protect your rights, including looking into the legalities of unlawful police stops. No matter your exact situation, no matter if you are facing a chemical test refusal, are an out of state driver or are looking into a DUI expungement, you can be confident that he will go the distance to help you achieve your optimum outcome.


Drawing on his contacts, relationships and experiences with law enforcement, judges and prosecutors throughout the criminal justice system and the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mr. Reynoso opened the premier DUI defense firm, the Reynoso Law Firm. He now uses those skills to aggressively defend his Orange County & Los Angeles DUI clients. Mr. Reynoso is known for "working up" his cases by conducting a thorough and independent investigation separate and apart from law enforcement. He leaves no stone unturned when defending his clients, no matter if they are fighting a second, third or fourth DUI offense.


Attorney Reynoso believes in finding every possible defense against your DUI charges and will conduct his own thorough and independent investigation into your charges. Any aspect of your traffic stop, arrest, and breathalyzer test will be closely scrutinized for any challenges that can be made to evidence presented against you. He believes in working hard for his clients to avoid convictions and unwanted consequences from their DUI arrest.


If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI offense in Orange County, Los Angeles or the Southern California area, contact DUI attorney Edgar Reynoso. He understands you are likely very concerned about your situation and the seriousness of your offense. Attorney Reynoso will meet with you personally to determine how best to defend you and how to resolve your case without you going to jail. With his extensive knowledge of the law and the legal system, he is your best choice for your DUI defense throughout the Orange County, Los Angeles and Southern California areas.

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